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Azure - Microsoft Graph API

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Since Microsoft Graph API is developed further and more thinga are added I would like to know whar possibillities the driver have.

Microsoft doocumentation is pretty good on what api could be used and how. Micrifocus documentation does not have this correlation though.

Therae are a few things I would like to be able to do though the driver nad MS Graph api:

Creation of teams from template.

Clone team from another team.

Create MS365 group.

Add expiration policy.

And probably more things.

Right now we have to use powershell for this.

It would be nice to be able to do these things from Graph but also to be able to look up in the driver documentation what can be done and through Graph so I know when I need to use Powershell.

Even better would be of the REST interface was opend up so we could use that and do our own calls to the API.

Right now the driver is a bit of a black box and What we do is send things to the shim. The shim translates it but we dont always know what goes through graph and what goes through powershell. This distiction will be more important when there are diffrent rights set on the service acoount and the regitered application.

The service account is used for powershell while the regitered app is used for Graph.

  • i have deployed couple for REST drivers connecting to Microsoft Graph to do following things

    1. Create O365 Groups/Teams with owners

    2. Create AzureAD Developer Apps client and API apps.

    3. Create Security Groups

    4.  Update Advanced Authentication Methods

    5.  Update extension attributes on the users

    6.  more and more

    We have automated many internal workflow using REST driers that does most of the things.

  • Until now it looks like this is the way to go: customized REST driver that makes calls to the MS.Graph.

      How do you parse the JSON data coming from Azure? Some custom OData parser?

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  • we use many techniques to parse the json

    1. we try to transform incoming response to netiq json "supported format" and then use netIQ onw java code to conver to NDS :-)

    2. We also use community netiq json parser shared in community github

    3. we use custom ecmasript were it makes more

    i think its wise for netiq to build some  "odata" json parser to speed the developer work

  • This is the path I have also taken. I have modified the Azure JSON to the "supported format" and then used the NetIQ parser to get the XDS. I also built an ECMA functions where it made sense.

    Now, in my spare time, I am working on an ECMA parser for oData. If I will endup with something that works well, I will try to open source the code.

    For 2) - can you share me the link?

  • OData is just JSON it can easily be processed in ECMAScript after doing a JSON.parse(response_value).

    BTW: Lets keep this thread focused on the enhancement to the AzureAD driver and open a new thread in discussions for evaluating solutions using the REST driver.