Idea ID: 2876399

Identity Console login does not retain or allow for default value for server

Status: Accepted

Unlike iManager, IC 1.7 does not allow you to configure a default value for the eDir tree in the login screen:

It is a tiny bit annoying having to enter that detail on every login :)


Tor Harald Lothe

  • Accepted.Will update feature availability and release plan later on.

  • I've requested this from the ID Console team a thousand times already, I also find it very annoying. It's supposed to be part of the planned features that should include customization in the UI.

    What I use to mitigate this is a Firefox extension called "Autofill forms". It lets you create custom fields with specific values. That way you can select between different trees. 

  • For now, one can only edit the html page to supply a default value:

    identityconsole-container:/home/nds # diff -u /var/opt/novell/identityconsole/login.html.bak /var/opt/novell/identityconsole/login.html
    --- /var/opt/novell/identityconsole/login.html.bak      2022-11-08 17:25:51.497267444 +0000
    +++ /var/opt/novell/identityconsole/login.html  2022-11-08 17:25:59.829334697 +0000
    @@ -69,7 +69,7 @@
                                         <div class="input-box tooltip">
                                             <label for="Server">Server</label>
                                             <input type="text" name="Server" id="Server"
    -                                            placeholder="Server IP / DNS" value="">
    +                                            placeholder="Server IP / DNS" value="">
                                             <span class="tooltiptext">example: (or)