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SCIM 2.0 Driver Shim

Status: Delivered

IT is moving more and more to a hybrid and cloud based approach. To provision identities in a cloud based environment SCIM 2.0 is now a days becoming a major player:

The fact that SCIM 2.0 is extensible makes it a future proof standard, that was lacking in SCIM 1.0.

A lot of competitors (Oracle, Microsoft, Okta, One Identity etc.) already have a connector available. To catch this running train Micro Focus Identity Manager should jump a board by developing a SCIM 2.0 Driver Shim for IDM.



    Thanks for the release of the SCIM Driver: the Publisher Channel is still lacking oAuth 2.0 support (which is a must have for me). 

    So my question is, what is the E.T.A. of the Driver being a SCIM 2.0 endpoint on the publisher channel listening for pushed events? Note that the publisher channel should be equipped with an oAuth2 server component as all SCIM clients nowadays use oAuth2 as preferred authentication protocol.

    Note that the current REST Shim can't do this as well: the problem is that oAuth 2.0 server implementation is missing.

  • The SCIM driver is now GA. Please see the announcement for details.

  •   good. still being standardized scim 2.0, in our experiences, vendors are just doing their custom versions of SCIM no following strict to 2.0, so customization in payloads will certainly be on your top of "customization of scim" feature requests  once you release


    NetIQ REST connector is very flexible apart from few limitations, like HTTP methods support (not all HTTP methods) are supported, nothing wrong with NetIQ REST connector, it just nasty developers out there implement APIS wildly not following any standards.




  •  Technically, yes. REST driver can be used to connect to SCIM systems by building integration. Having said that,  this approach forces partners towards custom development and maintenance for a protocol that is standardized – which of course you would be aware considering the multiple integration your team has developed.

  •   in wonder what is different between Generic NEIQ REST Driver or SCIM 2.0?  it's just a JSON payload which is different in a traditional NetIQ REST connector.


    We have written tons of SCIM intgr using NETIQ Rest Driver, and don't understand why people are asking SCIM?


    just a thought!