University of Texas Health Sciences Center Chooses Novell Identity Manager


Check out this great story from SC Magazine. See why Will Schneider chose Novell Identity Manager to provision students, faculty and staff at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center.


Will Schneider of the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (UTHSC-H) was facing a challenge. The manual provisioning of users across the network of the academic health center, supporting more than 3,800 students and 5,000 faculty and staff, was eating up too much time for his 150-person IT staff and the process was prone to errors.

... Schneider formed a small committee to review the commercial solutions and evaluated them across the university's requirements. They considered options from Novell, Microsoft, Sun, and even a home-grown system developed by the IT staff.

Cost was a significant factor in the team's deliberations, but in the end, Schneider says it was functionality and flexibility that led them to choose Novell Identity Manager 3.0.1. Simply put, the tool is a data sharing and synchronization service that allows applications, directories and databases to share information. It links scattered information and enables users to establish policies that govern automatic updates to designated systems when identity changes occur.

Deployment of the tool at UTHSC-H went smoothly, Schneider says. "It is very easy to extend the infrastructure and we often can add a connected system in just a couple of days." And, after some time spent using the system, Schneider says it is exceeding expectations.

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