New Course on Novell Identity Manager 4

If you're looking for training on IDM 4 Advanced Edition, we've got some exciting training and certification opportunities coming up over the next few weeks. The first of these is some excellent classroom-based instruction you can get through Novell training partners--"Novell Identity Manager 4: Administration" course 3109.

Novell Identity Manager 4, the product, is designed to address your need to manage identities across physical, virtual and cloud environments. And course 3109 will get you started on your implementation of this important technology.

Who is the audience for Course 3109? This course is for those using, or planning to use IDM 4, who already understand networking and directory basics. It's a 5-day course and there is so much to cover we had to design the course for students who already know networking and directories. So, it's important that you have this prerequisite knowledge if you really want to get all you can out of this course.

(If you need to come up to speed on networking, we have courses 2000 and 3088. If you need to learn about directories, we recommend course 3078. Just go to and search on those course numbers.)

What is course 3109 about? The overall aim of this course is to cover the core functionality of IDM 4. This includes a description of the architecture of IDM 4 and of the structure and schema of the ID Vault. The course goes on to show you how to use the IDM 4 administration tools to perform traces and to check driver states. We put a lot of hands-on in this course and you'll actually get to manage policies, work with connected systems, perform health checks and complete basic reporting tasks.

When will course 3109 be available? You can sign up for course 3109 right now. Just go to where you can click on "Find a Class." You can also get a more detailed view there of the outline for this course.

What's coming next? course 3110, "Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition: Customization and Roles" will be released in the next few weeks. Following that, you will see a new certification exam become available for those who seek to have the Certified Novell Identity Management Administrator (CNIMA) certification. Watch for my further blog posts on these great training and certification opportunities.


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