Preventing IDM Changes to the notes.ini File



A Forum reader asked the following question:

"On IDM3 / Notes 6.5, the notes.ini file is modified by the Notes Driver. It adds the entries "keyFileName", "MailFile," and "Location" of the used for IDM.

Is there a way to stop this and keep the notes.ini clean from changes
coming from IDM?"

And here's the reply from Novell's Perry Nuffer ...


You can choose from two options to solve this problem.

Option 1

1. Run the NotesDriverShim using the remote loader from a machine separate from the Domino Server.

2. On a Windows machine, set up a Notes client to connect to the Domino server that hosts the synchronized database (and runs ndsrep).

3. Set up Remote Loader on this Win32 machine.

4. Configure the Notes driver to appropriately connect to Identity Manager (DirXML) via the Remote Loader on the eDirectory host.

5. Ensure the NotesDriverShim.jar and CommonDriverShim.jar are located in the proper RL folder (c:\Novell\RemoteLoader\lib).

6. Ensure the Notes client library .dll folder (\Lotus\Notes) is placed in the Windows OS system path.

This will allow the NotesDriverShim to access and modify the Notes Client's notes.ini file, without interfering with (or being confused by) the Domino Server's notes.ini file.

Option 2

The following is a work-around that has worked for many customers experiencing this issue. The workaround requires that the customer launch the Domino server using an .ini file with a different name, so that the notes.ini is still in place (e.g., c:\Lotus\Domino\notes.ini). The Notes Driver will use (and change) this by default, but this notes.ini is actually no longer used by the Domino Server.

If you are running on a Win32 system with Domino, try the following:

1. Exit the Domino Server.

2. Edit the notes.ini KeyFilename value to be the appropriate admin account ( so it's not the NotesUser used for driver authentication into Notes.

3. Save the modified notes.ini.

4. Copy notes.ini to server.ini.

5. If you running Domino as a Win32 service, do the following:

a) Edit the launching mechanism for Domino to utilize server.ini instead of defaulting to notes.ini.

b) Use regedit to modify [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Lotus Domino Server (LotusDominoData)] ImagePath key value (type=REG_EXPAND_SZ).

c) Change the key value from something like

c:\Lotus\Domino\nservice.exe =c:\Lotus\Domino\notes.ini to

c:\Lotus\Domino\nservice.exe =c:\Lotus\Domino\server.ini.

d) Save the new ImagePath key value.

6. If you are running Domino as a regular Win32 application, launch the Domino server (or change the shortcut to launch the Domino server) in the following manner:
c:\Lotus\Domino\nservice.exe =c:\Lotus\Domino\server.ini.

7. Launch Domino and test it out.


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