Setting Workflow Escalation in terms of Business Days


I just came across a scenario and thought of sharing this solution with you all.

Usually, we set escalations while designing a workflow but never think of situation where escalation is for two days and request goes for approval on Friday. In such a scenario we often end up escalating the request by Monday which is incorrect.

I have written an ECMA Script code that can be used to evaluate escalation considering Business Days. You may include this in Mapping activity of a workflow and then use it in Approval activity to set escalation days.
function calculateBusinessDays(valEscalationDays)
var datetoday = new Date();
var evalYear = datetoday.getFullYear();
var evalMonth = datetoday.getMonth();
var evalDate = datetoday.getDate();
var evalHrs = datetoday.getHours();
var evalMins = datetoday.getMinutes();
var evalSecs = datetoday.getSeconds();
var evalMs = datetoday.getMilliseconds();

var initialEscalationDays = valEscalationDays;
var finalEscalationDays = valEscalationDays;
var counter = 1;
for(counter = 1; counter <= initialEscalationDays; counter )
var chkDate = evalDate counter;
var datetoday = new Date(evalYear, evalMonth, chkDate, evalHrs, evalMins,evalSecs, evalMs);
var dayofweek=datetoday.getDay();
if(dayofweek == 6.0)
finalEscalationDays ;
finalEscalationDays ;

return finalEscalationDays.toString();

Hope that helps!

Simran Jeet Singh



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