Open Call - Rules that Need Updating when Migrating to IDM 3.5



Just after Brainshare 2007, Novell released IDM 3.5. This release adds many great features that are very useful.

A lot of implementations want to upgrade as soon as possible to get access to the new features. In principle it should be simple at the engine and shim level, and at a binary level it pretty much is straightforward. The binaries pretty much just work, even in mixed modes, even though which is probably not really supported.

But the gotchas come in when it comes to features in the drivers that require changes to policies. Novell tries to document some of them, but it is pretty clear they missed a number of things.


This Open Call is aimed at collecting a list of those gotchas, documenting them, and making life easier for the next guy.

If you have found a rule that needs to be updated on an existing IDM 2.x, or 3.0x driver, in order to work or use new features in the IDM 3.5 driver please contribute.

Please specify what IDM version you are coming from, the platform you are running the bits and pieces on, which rule and driver, and the specific issues you have found.

Hopefully this will make all our lives easier!

Tips on Driver Updates

- Lotus Notes driver for proper Notes ID file password changing:

- Issue to watch out for with the AS400/i5os/Midrange driver (Bi-directional version, not fanout):


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