Assess Your Novell Identity Manager 4 Knowledge

"Novell Identity Manager 4: Administration," Course 3109, the first course in the Novell Identity Manager 4 curriculum has already shipped. The second course, "Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition: Customization and Roles," Course 3110, is due to release in just a few weeks.

This might be a good time to test your knowledge of Novell Identity Manager 4. Go to and select the Identity and Security tab. We have recently added two new technical skills assessments there (one for 3109 and one for 3110) that you can use to find out how well you know IDM 4.

There are 30 items in each technical skills assessment and you are given 30 minutes to complete it. After you complete the technical skills assessment, a results page shows you: how many you answered correctly, how well you did on the questions in each topic, and which questions you answered incorrectly.

You can take the assessments multiple times because the point is not only for you to find out how much you already know, but for you to use this as a learning experience to increase your product knowledge.

Please note: The questions in these technical skills assessments are derived from the content in the IDM 4 courses and are meant for self assessment purposes only. To certify your product knowledge, please take the Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator certification exam, available at PearsonVUE testing centers starting March 9th.


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