BMgrSaver v2.1.


The BMgrSaver program fulfills backup and restore of BorderManager Access
Rules. We recommend using this program for the followings:

  • For backup and restore of BorderManager Access Rules at your BorderManager server.

  • For moving BorderManager Access Rules from a test server to the server of your company.

  • For an upgrade from the previous versions of BorderManager.

  • etc.


  1. Windows XP/2000. The program was not tested with the other Windows operation systems.

  • Novell Client v.4.91 and later.

  • SLP (or/and SAP) must work correctly in the network.

  • Novell BorderManager 3.0 - 3.8 and Novell BorderManager 3.9.

  • You need to have the Supervisor rights on the BorderManager server.

The full information about the program and its features are on

New in v2.1:

New features:

  1. Support of Novell BorderManager 3.9.

  • Added the ?Rules? box for review and update of AC rule list.

  • Added creation of HTML reports.


  1. 1. The program could not fulfill the Refresh operation for the server from the other tree.


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