Another Reason to Use -host in dxcmd


In article, I
mentioned how useful the -host parameter to dxcmd is. It lets you get the Java class going on one box, and control others remotely.

One extra implication I did not notice until recently is that you MUST use -host when you are running more than one instance of eDirectory on a server.

Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, and HP-US versions of eDirectory can all run multiple instances. (Alas, NetWare is the only OS that cannot, since it is hard-coded to use the sys:_netware path for eDirectory database files.) This is an awesome feature in general because you can have one box, bind a couple of IP addresses to it, and then install as many eDirectory instances as you need. Each one is mostly independent of the other. This is great for building a test lab on a single box.

If you run in this way, and you want to use dxcmd, running it as just "dxcmd" tries to connect to the servers default or first eDirectory instance. So if you want to look at the database cache of a driver in the third eDirectory instance for your test tree, you need to specify the -host parameter to connect to the correct eDirectory instance.


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