NetIQ Identity Manager, new guides: Designer Setup Guide for macOS 11 Big Sur & Administrator's Guide

August 2021

This guide focuses on the tasks that you must complete in order to install the Designer on macOS 11 and the troubleshooting issues you might face during the installation.

1.0 System Requirements:

You must ensure that the system requirements are met before installing the Designer. See the System Requirements for Identity Manager 4.8 document for the hardware and software requirements information.


NetIQ Identity Manager - Administrator’s Guide to the Identity Applications

The Administrator’s Guide describes how to administer the NetIQ Identity Manager using Identity Applications.

Intended Audience:

This book provides information for identity architects and identity administrators responsible for installing the components necessary for building an identity management solution for their organization.

Other Information in the Library:

For more information about the library for Identity Manager, see the Identity Manager documentation website.


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