On-Demand IAM Webinar: Catch up on NetIQ Identity Manager!



On-demand IAM Webinar: Catch up on NetIQ Identity Manager!

We’ve modernized Identity Manager for the cloud, improved performance and usability, and added new license entitlements that give you more value for your investment.

Come see what you may have missed! Join our product management team to learn about:

• Performance and scalability improvements that make it easier to configure, use, and manage Identity Manager
• A modernized interface for building forms to automate provisioning, resulting in reduced complexity and faster time to value
• A new licensing entitlement to NetIQ Identity Governance to help you detect inappropriate access, orphaned accounts, and separation of duties violations
• Enhanced support for cloud environments, including new drivers for Workday and SCIM applications, containerization for Identity Manager, and a new Identity Governance as a Service offering


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