conditional schema mapping policy

According to the documentation of ldap proxy (, the schema mapping policy supports an if-bind-dn condition and a do-map-schema action. Great, thats what I need!

This is also in the xsd file for the ldap proxy configuration in /opt/novell/ldapproxy/lib64/nlp-schema/xsd/nlpconf.xsd

<xsd:documentation>Represents a rule for Map Schema policy. Rule can have one or more condition(s) which can be simple or complex. If condition is true, actions listed in "actions" node are executed. If condition is false, actions listed in "actions-default" node are executed.</xsd:documentation>


The definition in xsd is missing any condition element "MapSchemaPolicyRuleType". So it cannot be used at all. I get syntax errors when I try to use them.

The question is how can I use a condition for schema mapping policy?