Difference between SailPoint and Radiant One as IAM Tool

Hi Guys

Can you tell me the difference between SailPoint and RadiantOne as IAM

My understanding is that Sail point supports authentication and
authorization while Radiant ONE supports authentication
,authorizatiuon,accounting and personalization.

Please also confirm whether am I right or not!!

Varun Maheshwari

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  • This forum is made for questions around Access Manager, which is not made
    either by RadianOnt or Sailpoint. You would probably be better-served by
    asking the vendors themselves about their competitive differences, rather
    than asking yet another competitor to compare those two.

    Slightly on the topic of your question, Sailpoint is not a product, but is
    a company which makes products like IdentityIQ (a competitor to
    Novell/NetIQ/Micro Focus Access Governance Suite (AGS) and Access Review
    (IDM AR)). Similarly, RadiantOne is not a product, but is a line of
    products similar to the Identity Management suite from Novell/NetIQ/Micro
    Focus which includes things like VDS (a virtual directory similar to the
    'LDAP Proxy' product here), CFS (sounds similar to Access Manager, for
    which this forum exists), ICS (seems similar to Identity Manager), etc..

    Good luck.

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  • Identity and access management (IAM) is a structure of strategies and innovation that verifies and approves admittance to applications, information, frameworks, and cloud stages. In essential terms, it guarantees that the ideal individuals have the right access, for the right reasons.

    On the other hand, RadiantOne additionally virtualizes SailPoint's information base and changes the information, giving a solitary authoritative index to LDAP applications and WAM/Portal applications to use for verification and approval. RadiantOne incorporates with SailPoint's character administration stage to diminish customization and mix costs, as well as speed up arrangement.