Can you suppress AuthnContextDeclRef in a SAML2 assertion?

I am setting up a SAML 2 Service Provider. I am the Identity Provider

In the SAML Assertion I post there is this




The Service Provider indicated that they cannot have the URI
(AuthnContextDeclRef) in the Assertion:


The error they provided to me is this:

System.InvalidOperationException: ID4180: A SAML2 assertion that
specifies an AuthenticationContext DeclarationReference is not
supported. To handle DeclarationReference, extend the
Saml2SecurityTokenHandler and override ProcessAuthenticationStatement.

Is there a way to suppress/remove the AuthnContextDeclRef in the SAML
Assertion? And it would only be for this specific Service Provider. All
of the others are fine with the AuthnContextDeclRef in the assertion.


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