Access manager and Advanced Authentication integration problems

I’m having a few issues getting NAM working with AA for MFA though (using this guide; Advanced Authentication - NetIQ Access Manager 5.0 Administration Guide ( ), I have set up the connection between the two using oauth, but I keep getting the following error after entering the username and password “Error: The service may be disabled or an invalid request was made to an active service. Please contact your system administrator. (An invalid OAuth2 request was received.)”

The AA webauthn log states the following which is where I think the problem lies.

Preamble: [OIDP]

Priority Level: SEVERE

Java: internal.osp.oidp.service.oauth2.handler.RequestHandler.respondWithPageError() [1075] thread=http-nio-

Time: 2023-03-07T10:14:40.853+0000Log Data: Code: internal.osp.oidp.service.oauth2.handler.HandlerException.<init>() [183]

Text: Client-supplied redirect URI is not registered: https://<NAM server FQDN>/nidp/oauth/nam/callback

It looks like NAM is feeding a duff URI to the AA server but I can’t figure out where this is a.) set, or b.) what it should be?