Idea ID: 2873830

option to disable logging "NIDP.****-**-**.xml" in case "Echo To Console" (logging into catalina.out) has been enabled

Status : New Idea

The NIDP / NESP logs stored at: "/var/opt/novell/nam/logs/idp/nidplogs" are usually not getting used for troubleshooting.Instead the "/var/opt/novell/nam/logs/idp/tomcat/catalina.out" will be used (Echo To Console has to be enabled)

As logging into the XML files cannot be disabled everything will be logged twice. This creates an extra load on the system and doubles the required of disk space used. There is as well a separate rotation running for the catalina.out and the XML logfiles. For heavy loaded systems this might get into low disk space situations.


    Most likely, we can set "Echo To Console" to be enabled by default in order to simplify the overall experience. That indicates that logs won't be forwarded to NIDP.xml by default; instead, they will go to catalina.out. I'm not sure why we have the logs in two places, but NIDP.xml logs can only be enabled if someone is interested in doing so.