NAM IDP User Session – View Session Details or Terminate User Session(s)


1. Introduction / Use cases

NetIQ Access Manager creates user session after validating user’s credentials and terminates /removes user session only when the user manually logs out, or if the user’s session timeout expires due to inactivity.

An organization may have a requirement to find out the number of active sessions and number of unique user’s session. This solution will enable NAM administrator to detect active user sessions, session details (for example session ID, last login time, Remote IP, IDP Roles etc.) and terminate user session(s).

2. Solution Steps


2.1 Copy files

Download file and extract it.

    • Copy sessionDetails.jsp, killSession.jsp and getUserSession.jsp into IDP server’s “/opt/novell/nids/lib/webapp/jsp” location.


    • Copy delallsession.png and del.png file into “/opt/novell/nids/lib/webapp/custom_images” location. You may need to create custom_images directory (if it is not available) under webapp.

2.2 Access IDP Session Details Page

Access NIDP Portal Page: https://<SSO domain>/nidp/portal

Login into NIDP portal using valid credentials. Once your session is established with IDP, try to access URL: https://<SSO doamin>/nidp/jsp/getUserSession.jsp

2.3 Session Details and Kill Session(s)

User Session page should display list all active user’s sessions.

Click on the Session ID link to view session details (Last Login time, User’s IP, IDP Role etc.):

The user might have multiple session if the user has logged in from a different browser. You may choose to kill a single session or Kill all sessions for a user.

Kill a single session:

To kill/remove a single session, click on the cross button located with the session ID.

Kill all sessions for a User:

To kill/remove all sessions for a user, click on the Kill All button.


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