Connecting dots to Kubernetes (K8s) resources published for Access Manager


This post consolidates all the articles or solutions we have published so far based on the team's experience with the containerization of the NetIQ Access Manager in the next release. We will aim to write more as we get deeper and will refresh the links here so that obtaining the required information remains easy.


  • General understanding of Docker and Kubernetes

Kubernetes deployment

  • Configure Kubernetes Cluster on Ubuntu and Deploy NetIQ Access Manager Docker images
  • Deploying Azure Kubernetes Cluster and NAM Docker images using Azure CLI and Terraform

Troubleshooting Kubernetes objects

  • Kubernetes (K8s): Examples of Some Basic Kubectl Commands
  • Helm (K8s): Basic commands to deploy and manage an application through charts
  • Troubleshooting Pods in Kubernetes (K8s) with kubectl
  • YAML basics in Kubernetes (K8s), examples and debugging
  • Understanding and debugging Kubernetes (K8s) Probes

Tools to simplify Kubernetes experience

  • Kubernetes: Switch between namespaces and contexts effortlessness
  • Lens: The Kubernetes IDE for managing Kubernetes (K8s) clusters


There are a couple of articles on docker commands (Part1 and Part2) if you are dealing with docker containers without Kubernetes being around.

Thanks for reading and happy learning !!


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