Health Check Tool

Validation of Access Manager services health usually is achieved by launching a REST call using "curl" or "wget" to get health/response to perform smoke or automation test suites is a typical Use case.

Now that https (backed by TLS) is secure in Access Manager, the version of curl/wget on stock SLES 11 (upto SP4 update) fails with "SSL error: unknown protocol" is a problem statement.

This isn't a problem if one is on stock SLES 12 which has the updated curl/wget packages, but upgrading curl/wget on stock SLES 11 isn't a solution as it beats the goal of certifying the product on a given version of stock operating system. Also, it's overhead to upgrade the packages and dependencies on numerous test servers just for the purpose of validating health or specific REST calls.


Advent of the Health Check tool is to overcome the aforesaid problem which is a simple java application and distributed as runnable jar.

The attached zip includes the HealthCheck.jar which can be executed on any system that has java installed.


  1. java -jar HealthCheck.jar <URL>

  • java -jar HealthCheck.jar <URL> <credentials>

  • java -jar HealthCheck.jar -help

Implementation examples related to Access Manager:

java -jar HealthCheck.jar <https://<hostname/ip>:<port>/nidp/app/heartbeat

java -jar HealthCheck.jar <https://<esp_hostname>:443/nesp/app/hearthbeat

java -jar HealthCheck.jar <https://<hostname/ip>:<port>/nps/rest/clusters <username>:<password>

The Health check utility can be extended to any REST service calls which has definitive response to http over TLS and be enhanced further.


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