Access manager 5 Announcement


Access Manager 5 includes major improvement for deployment, administration and automation. This release introduces number of features helping the customer to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the product deployment by easing installation, upgrades and monitoring. This release also addresses number of long pending operational challenges.

Along with the traditional deployment options, Access Manager now has a modernized distribution with Docker images that are optimized to run on Kubernetes platform. Docker containers simplifies installation and upgrades. Built-in scaling functionality of the Kubernetes helps to respond to rapid changes in your operational environments while optimizing the cost of running the servers.

Access Manager now includes software channel for updates and patches. Channel based software distribution eases security updates, patches and upgrade process. Existing deployments would now get notifications whenever an update is available to the product. Software channel also enables us to deliver the fixes faster than ever.

This release also addresses several concerns in handling customization. Using advanced file configurator, you can now centrally manage all your customizations. This tool will take care of customized files in the future upgrades automatically.

Enhanced Analytics Dashboard offers modernized and customizable graphs, a smaller footprint and an easier way to manage upgrades. Analytics Dashboard is an exciting tool that allows you to visualize who is accessing your system, the applications they are accessing and the device and location from which they are accessing it. Analytics Dashboard is delivered as a service, and is fully supported for cloud deployments as well.

In addition to these, the Access Manager 5 also includes a number of enhancements around OAuth and OIDC. These enhancements offer better application interoperability, flexible configurations and improved security.

As a continuous improvement to the product quality, we have taken number of steps to improve on the code quality. Several security updates, dependent library updates and additional Operating system support are also included in this version.

The software is available through Software Licenses and Downloads

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