Knowledge Doc: NAM 4.5.6 upgrade to 5.0.2 fails with Autopass exception


Upgrading Access Manager 4.5.6 upgrade to 5.0.2 fails with the error "An exception occured while initializing AutopassJ!"

Access Manager (NAM)
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NAM 4.5.6 upgrading to NAM 5.0.2

The NAM 5.0.2 upgrade script is run on a NAM 4.5.6 Administration Console in an attempt to upgrade to version 5.0.2.
The following error is received -
Upgrading Novell Identity Server Administration Plug-in:

There has been an error installing the license. Please review the logfile found at /tmp/novell_access_manager/upgrade_edir_2022-09-14_10:29:03.log for more details.
The upgrade_edir_2022-09-14_10:29:03.log shows :-
An exception occured while initializing AutopassJ!
Exception while installing the full license

Error code : 5991
Error message : Product definition mode or file is not valid
Custom message : Product Definition reader failed : ' /opt/novell/nam/adminconsole/webapps/nps/WEB-INF/lib/ACM.pd (No such file or directory)'.
at com.hp.autopassj.core.pdf.builder.TextProductDefinitionBuilder.decryptSecuredProductDefinition(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.pdf.builder.TextProductDefinitionBuilder.decryptProductDefinition(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.pdf.builder.ProductDefinitionBuilder.buildProductDefintion(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.pdf.ProductDefinitionStore.getProductDefinitionFromBuilder(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.pdf.ProductDefinitionStore.addProductDefinition(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.config.ConfigurationManager.setProductContext(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.config.ConfigurationManager.configureAutopassJ(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.LicenseHandler.init(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.AutopassJ.init(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.AutopassJ.initAutopassJ(
at com.hp.autopassj.core.AutopassJ.<init>(
at com.novell.nam.common.util.AutopassUtil.initAutopassJ(
at DatastoreManager.installFullLicense(
at DatastoreManager.main(
There has been an error installing the license. Please review the logfile found at /tmp/novell_access_manager/upgrade_edir_2022-09-14_10:29:03.log for more details.

Upgrading the same environment from NAM 4.5.5 to NAM 5.0.2 works without error.

Upgrade from NAM4.5.6 to NAM5.0.2 is not supported as per the NAM 5.0.2 release notes.
NAM 4.5.6 was released after NAM 5.0.2 and this scenario was not tested.
Refer to the Access Manager 5.0.2 release notes for a list of supported upgrade scenarios.

Upgrade from NAM 4.5.6 will be supported with NAM 5.0.3.

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