Metadata Lookup In Access Manager

While Access Manager allows you to view and make basic changes to the metadata of a trusted provider, it does not provide an easy way to retrieve and save the XML that was originally imported.  Sometimes you may wish to compare the imported XML to the current metadata, or you may wish to make more advanced changes to the XML and then re-import.  Whatever your reason, there is a way to retrieve the trusted provider XML in Access Manager.

  1. Log into the administration console

  • In the top menu, select View Objects

  • In the objects view, open the Search tab

  • Set the following search parameters

    1. Context: [root]

  • Search sub-containers: Enabled

  • Name: *

  • Type: nidsSaml2TrustedSP (modify based on what type of provider you are searching)

  • Select the button next to search type

  • Set the advanced selection to nidsDisplayName - is equal - the name you defined for the provider

  • Select OK and then Search

  • You should see one object.  If you don't, make sure the advanced search matches the name of the provider.  You can also remove that option, at which point, you will see all of the providers matching that type.

  • Click on the provider and select Modify Object

  • Select nidsTrustedProviderMetadata and click Edit

  • Select the edit icon next to the value

  • On the editor page, you should see the metadata XML on the right hand screen.  Just copy and paste into your favorite editor.





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