Customizable B2C Portal for Access Manager


The B2C Demo portal is a fully customizable AngularJS based web application that demonstrates the B2C capabilities of Access Manager. It is designed as a portal for the customers of the fictional company "Digital Airlines". This can be modified to reflect any business vertical.

How it Helps

This demo portal serves three purposes:

    • Eases demonstration of the B2C capabilities of Access Manager.


    • Blueprint for building a fully customizable B2C portal using the various REST APIs exposed by the IDP.


    • Demonstrates the seamless integration with SSPR to provide the Business to Customer capabilities

Demo Portal Functionalities

This portal demonstrates the following functionalities:

    • User on-boarding and login


    • Customizing the portal based on the logged in user's details.


    • Displaying selected applications (configured as Appmarks)


    • Managing the user's devices that were used to access the portal (fingerprinted devices)


    • Managing external applications to which the user's details are shared (federated applications and OAuth clients)


    • Managing user profile, passwords, etc.


See this portal in action - Video

To get started with the demo portal:


    • Install the B2C environment - IDP, Access Gateway and SSPR. Optionally install Advanced Authentication as well.


    • Configure to use this custom portal - see the DemoPortalGuide for instructions.




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