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Push Notifications Unreliable on Android

I'm seeing wildly varying push notification behavior on Android and I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this or if it is a known issue?  On iOS it seems very solid, but not on Android.

I have one test Android tablet and what I see is that when the device is locked, it's 50/50 if a push notification will be seen/heard on the lock screen.  If I unlock the device, I see the notification.  But I shouldn't have to unlock the device to see it.  

This is with AA on the back-end and NetIQ Authenticator app 3.1.20 version 531.


  • Hello Matt, I'm not sure if this issue is still ongoing, but there is a new version of both AA and the Android app released. Please keep in mind the newest app is limited to Android version 10+ though. Otherwise for further investigation I guess log files would be needed here or via a support ticket

  • Version 3.2.2 is being rolled out incrementally (not sure of of the time frame, but hopefully a matter of days/a week or two at most), so if you don't see it in the Google Play Store, keep checking back.