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AA Device Service support for Windows 10 IoT kiosks

Status : New Idea

Micro Focus Advanced Authentication is currently shutting itself out the growing market of Windows 10 IoT kiosks, and thereby putting themselves at risk of being abandoned by prospective and existing customers such as us who need an MFA solution that can be used throughout their environment.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the native and premiere method that medium to large enterprises use to configure single and multi-app kiosks throughout their environment. Such "thin" terminals are often used on manufacturing shop-floors to present locked down web-browsers to VDI back-ends or cloud-based webservices, either of which will be locked-down with multi-factor authentication.

In order to utilize the full range of locally-attached hardware authentication methods via browser to AA OSP SAML/OAuth protected websites from these Windows 10 IoT kiosks, AA Device Service must be able to get installed on them.

Windows 10 IoT generally only allows Microsoft Store based applications to be installed. Both "Foreground Applications" and "Background Applications" need to be packaged as ".appx" bundles known as Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps:

Recommend as a Phase 1 that you don't get bogged down trying to do "Foreground Application" conversions of your AA Windows Client or AA Kiosk mode software. Instead, focus on SPEEDY delivery of just the Background Application of the AA Device Service, so that the typical Windows IOT "kiosk" mode with a browser can integrate with AA OSP SAML/OAuth sites with authentication support for local hardware methods like Card/Bluetooth/Yubikey.


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