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AA support for Microsoft HoloLens

Elfstone Elfstone
Status : New Idea

Micro Focus Advanced Authentication is currently shutting itself out the growing market of Microsoft HoloLens, and thereby putting themselves at risk of being abandoned by prospective and existing customers such as us who need an MFA solution that can be used throughout the entirety of their environment.

Microsoft HoloLens and other Augmented Reality devices are a burgeoning medium for assisting employees in their daily jobs throughout many commercial industries (manufacturing, medical, and certainly others). Such "wearables" are increasingly used on manufacturing shop-floors to eliminate the need to print out reams of paper diagrams or lug around bulky laptops/tablets that keep mechanics or other operators hands from the actual tools they need to complete a task, by overlaying physical parts with required actions, etc. Our company is now several years into implementing such initiatives with HoloLens with plans to exponentially increase the number of use-cases and employees utilizing them.