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Authenticator App- Sort Enrolled Authenticators

ruggerij ruggerij
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Want to be able to sort the order that my various enrolled OTP's appear in my list in the smartphone app.

Want to put the ones I use more at the top.

Maybe the app can do that itself.


    I currently am using my authenticator for 6 different sites. 

    I would like to be able to order the list of sites by most to least frequently used.  

    I see your point, the Auth App has no way to determine which TOTP is being used at any point when it is open. So the app would just need a way for the user to sort the list manually.

    We need a field in the description that allows a user to pick the display order of their different enrollments.

    - John Ruggeri 



    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Just trying to understand in more detail...."Maybe the app can do that itself."

    The TOTP in the mobile app does not have a counter or interaction when you use it (different from the Smatphone push message in online mode where you press Accept/Decline).

    Do you have any further detail or suggestion on how would the app "pickup" the use of the TOTP method and Smartphone in offline mode to automatically establish the more regular use?