Idea ID: 2876054

Competitive Requirement: NetIQ Auth aka Smartphone support to enroll as FIDO2 key via Bluetooth & NFC

Elfstone Elfstone
Status : New Idea

Microsoft's own "Authenticator" app now supports enrolling it as a "passkey" that can be used to authenticate to Microsoft Azure joined Windows 10/11 PC's, sending push notifications to grab the user's attention to their phone app, but instead of revealing a by-comparison weaker OTP code or equivalent Accept/Decline button for more traditional MFA, it will not perform the FIDO2 key enrollment and exchange inside the app. This eliminates the need for hardware based security fobs like Yubikey, which are expensive and difficult to manage logistics for at-scale in large enterprises. Plus, users are naturally hesitant to be saddled with yet another device to tote around.

In order to Advanced Authenticate to remain market-relevant and competitive, the NetIQ Auth app needs the same feature.