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It will be possible to remove repository even in the case if its server is unavailable

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Now in case if server maintaining some repo in AAF is unavailable you can't remove such repo from the list: if you try to do that you'll a message "Unable to connect to server" or "Server unavailable" and repo will stays there unchanged. It's a problem for AAF because it spends time to check all registered repos and for absent repos it spends too much of time which looks like auth delay.

Please add the ability to remove repo from the list in the case when server isn't available.



  • Hi Ivan!

    This is a 'Known Issue' for which 'Bug/Defect 358129 - Unable to remove LDAP repo when LDAP server is not available' has been opened and which should be addressed shortly in an upcoming release.

  •   in reply to andrewksantos

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks a lot for your reply and for such a good news.

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