Idea ID: 2872068

Collect risky mobile information such as JailBreak/root, iMEI, version details and hardware.

Status : New Idea

Three customers this year (2021) asked us as a requirement for our solution to identify JailBreak/root, iMEI, version details and hardware, S.O. (Android/iOS). To create rules based on this information, either in conjunction with Access Manager or Advanced Authentication.

Even thinking of alternatives, we were disqualified. I know of one of our competitors who has an sdk, which consumes the Android and iOS information framework to get this information. Using respective framework, do not characterize as intrusive.

It doesn't sound like rocket science, but when we don't have something the market considers basic, they end up turning a blind eye to everything else that we're potentially better at.

I would like to check the feasibility of implementing something similar in our solution.