Early Access release: SecureLogin integration with AutoPass License Server


We are delighted to announce that as part of beta release under the Early Access program, SecureLogin now has the capability to centrally manage its licensing by integration with the AutoPass License Server (APLS).

With multiple licenses in an organization, the admin has an uphill task to track licenses for any of the following tasks:

  • Active SecureLogin user count: Number of SecureLogin users in the organization
  • Centralized license management: Manage SecureLogin license in the web portal
  • Actual SecureLogin usage reporting: Increase or decrease licenses based on usage
  • Email notification: License expiry email notification


Currently, organizations are relying on different methods to keep a track of all the licenses, and it is a challenging task to keep tabs on the licenses and record updated data.

To mitigate the challenges of tracking and managing licenses, SecureLogin is enhanced to integrate AutoPass License Server feature. APLS helps you organize and manage your product licenses, server users, and client users.


Following are the benefits of this integration:


  • Centralized Management of SecureLogin license
  • Usage Tracking and Report: Track the current SecureLogin licenses in use, as well as the usage history for APLS administrator to get a quick trend report on the product usage.
  • License Reservation and Blocking: Reserve SecureLogin license capacity for groups or clients
  • Centrally manage license, product, and custom usage
  • Generate usage reports to manage pay-per-use billing

The AutoPass License Server manages the licenses acquired from the license portal. These licenses are then installed on the APLS. When a client computer needs a license, the client sends a request to the APLS and a license is checked out to this user.

Some other benefits of APLS integration are:

  • Track and monitor the number of users using SecureLogin
  • Get an actual number of SecureLogin instances in the organization
  • Be compliant with the license usage based on the reporting option
  • Receive license expiry email notification


The attached documents provide more details.

The Early Access release commences on  Aug 26, 2022 and will be available until Nov 30, 2022. You will have access to the following resources as part of this program: 

  • SecureLogin beta release with AutoPass License feature builds for evaluation and feedback
  • Documentation on APLS, use case, and process to install the feature
  • A dedicated discussion forum for this release's topics

Regular sync-up with the SecureLogin Engineering and Support teams, in which you can participate and share your feedback and issues