SecureLogin not typing in putty (version 0.73)

Hi all,

after updating putty to version 0.73 (from 0.70) our script is not able to type anything in a putty session.

part of our script:

WaitForText "ogin as:"
SetPrompt "Username:"
Type "Test"

The text is recognized - the prompt appears, but then the text "Test" is not entered.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced.

  • Every now and then a working SecureLogin script will no longer work after an  SSO enabled application is updated.  Usually this happens  because the new version of the application has fields in different places or in a different format.  Your best bet is to make a back up copy of the current script in notepad (just in case), and then delete and recreate the putty script using the SecureLogin Wizard.  If that doesn't work for you open a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

  • Verified Answer

    i found the cause.
    in the new putty version the copyID and pasteID have changed.
    After adjusting the tlaunch.ini, the automatic login is possible again.

    New values of tlaunch.ini: