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Competitive Requirement: FIDO2 "Passkeys" are the new secure website "passwords" that NSL needs to generate and store

Elfstone Elfstone
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In order to stay market-relevant and encourage new/existing customers such as us to stick with SecureLogin, support should be added to both generate and store FIDO2 Passkeys.

With recent support by Microsoft, Apple and Google to bake full FIDO2 support into their operating systems and browsers, websites are already offering passkeys as a secure replacement for passwords. That momentum to adopt is likely to continue to greatly accelerate -- and eventually lead to a place where passwords aren't event supported or allowed on many/most of them.

Competitor solutions are already beginning to offer to memorize/store passkeys:

NSL needs invest in doing the same before customers decide to invest elsewhere.

  • Less than one month after the proposal was first posted, the number of articles about using passkeys feels like having doubled. I think it is absolute urgent to tell the user community when NSL's FIDO2-passkeys adaptation is going to be ready.

    Please do not ignore the speed and power is developing right now! All people in my organization hate passwords!