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Need app for mobile devices.

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Waiting for Votes
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App should at least provide lookup of credentials. Data should be encrypted on device. This would give users ability to lookup creds when away from their desk computer/laptop. Further reduce the chance of people carrying around credentials in unsecured manner.

As a benefit, it would be nice to be able to update/manage credentials via mobile app.



  • Any news on this front? Can't fully explain how much more valuable this would be with a mobile app to lookup/edit credentials. HUGE tool to eliminate people carrying passwords around in an insecure manner.
  • Could plug-ins (for lack of a better term) be provided for the various platforms that host the credentials that the app could communicate with? Most enterprise scenarios are probably synced with some sort of directory service (AD, eDir, etc.) Something that would give the mobile app a common platform/translator to communicate with. Anyway, security of credentials would be the number 2 on my list after being able to access them remotely. Installing or having to manage another service to provide this convenience/capability would be more than worth it to me..and I only have ~50 users to deal with.
  • I have no problem with the mobile user having to have to provide direct access to the server (via vpn client) in order to sync. I would actually NOT want it to sync creds to a cloud service. I would want the app to sync directly with our DC to not expose our creds to the "wild" of the cloud. Once the creds were synced to the device (encrypted.....require a passcode), it would not need to access the DC unless a sync was necessary. Glad this is being considered. It would make this product that much more valuable and appealing to our staff. Ron
  • I understand. We are investigating a proper way to execute on this. By the way - we plan on including SSPR capability in the app. Troy
  • Ron, Agreed. Security of access and sync would be required. Note that not everyone has SecureLogin integrated with AD - or even has AD. Therefore, any solution needs to be rather platform agnostic. Troy