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SecureLogin: MAC-Client needed

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Waiting for Votes
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SecureLogin seems to be a great tool for a simple SSO. But w/o MAC-Support we can not deploy this solution. Our executives are using MAC and they prefer applikations which are usable in both clients (MAC & Windows)


Supported Platforms
  • In this special case the most (~80%) of the used applications are not web based. The most of this are old, customer self-developed, but productive special applications. At other customers we use 'KeyShield SSO' (From TLD) to integrate the SSO to the WebApps.
  • I have engaged the engineers to review this again. I ask and rarely get an answer. What percent of applications are web based and what percent are native Mac OS ? Regards, Troy
  • Hi Troy, I received your answer from the robot of this portal and so I miss your eMail addr. So my answer comes here: Adding support for an additional OS does double the amount for coding and testing, but not for the hole development, this is done. ;-) But OK, Micro Focus has to hire (more) developer who are able to write code for Mac. (-> additional cost) Our last customer (local insureance company) who wants an offer has ~50 Mac but ~6000 Windows-PC. He for an offer to implement secureLogin in conbination with Micro Focus Identity Management. (Okay, this is not easy to implement but we were able to do this.) They stop this ONLY because secureLogin has no Mac-Client =8-O. SecureLogin is a famous product even because the customer understand the function easy. (Read screen -> automaticlly enter credentials ;-) But I have understand: There is not Mac-Client and there will be no Mac-Client. :.-( Thomas
  • Thomas, I agree with you. Often Macs are found at the top and without this support is can be difficult for SecureLogin to be selected. Adding support for a second (or third - Linux) OS will directly multiply the amount of engineering and testing time. This would create quite an interruption / delay in current SecureLogin operations. Consider at least a year of engineering to create the initial Mac SecureLogin version. Then double the time between releases or make releases with half the features. As you can see this would be very disruptive. We have not taken up such a large effort because most application run on Mac and Linux that require SSO are web based. Thus the SSO can be satisfied with Access Manager. Thus reducing the number of use cases further. Please tell me the percent of applications needing SSO on Macs in the environment you are referencing? I would entertain reviewing this again. Regards, Troy
  • I do not know if it where correct to write the names of the companies here. And only a low count of all computers in this companies are MAC. But the users of a MAC are mostly the decision makers. And when a software is only usable for Windows PC they want agree to buy this for the hole conmpany. So a few MAC user are multiplicators for hundereds or tousend of Windows users.