SSPR Password Generate API

  1. I have installed SSPR on our system and would like to generate random password with the help of API.

When I send GET request on "/sspr/public/rest/randompassword" I get error with timeout. As parameters I have set up "Accept: application/json" and "Accept-Language" as "en".

In Swagger UI it says that I should also define Authorization, but I can not find how to get this token. 

In SSPR Settings I have enabled Web Services

Does anybody know how SSPR Rest API should respond or what is right request to get random password?

Could I get random password without authorization?


  • I found out that I missed authorization header. It has to be "Authorization" and the value is "Basic <username>:<password>" Base64 encoded.

    But now I am having a problem where I get errorCode 7000 as response. I took user, which is NOT an proxy user and gave him rights to access Rest services.

    I also tried creating "Non-LDAP User" and giving him all the permissions.