File Reporter 4.1 Released!

We're proud to announce the release of File Reporter 4.1! You should now be able to download the ISO image from the SLD portal. Documentation, including the release notes for File Reporter 4.1, is available through the Micro Focus documentation portal.

Notable features in this release:

  • Enhanced Microsoft 365 Permissions Collection - File Reporter now collects site-specific M365 SharePoint Online site users, site groups, and roles; permissions assignments in document libraries and OneDrive for Business drives; and recent additions to Microsoft GraphAPI for drive item permissions.
  • Active Directory Data Enrichment - File Reporter now collects extended information about Active Directory objects and attributes, making reporting on the connections between files, permissions, and identities easier and more efficient.
  • Custom Query Enhancements - File Reporter 4.1 adds initial management of file system target paths for Custom Query reports, making custom queries much more flexible and easier for report owners unfamiliar with SQL syntax to manage.

There are also changes to operating system, database, and environment requirements; component and security updates; and more. Please take a moment to review the release notes, and if you have questions about these changes or about the process of upgrading to File Reporter 4.1, ask us!