What's New in Novell File Reporter 2.0.1

Today we released Novell File Reporter 2.0.1. The version number makes this look like a minor release, but there are some significant enhancements that will make you want to update your version of the product.

Advanced Filtering

For all File Data reports, you now have the option utilize Boolean filtering in a new Filters tab in the Report Definition Editor. This allows you to filter the eight different File Data reports to include very specific information according to the multiple Boolean conditions that you set. For more information, refer to Appendix A, "Filtering" in the Novell File Reporter 2.0.1 Administration Guide—available on the Novell File Reporter Documentation Website.

Microsoft DFS Namespace Support

Distributed File System (DFS) namespace technology helps Microsoft network administrators group shared folders located on different servers and presents them to users as a virtual tree of folders known as a namespace. Novell File Reporter now presents these namespaces as available storage resources that can be reported on.

Directory Quota Scanning for Windows Shares from NFR Agents

With the release of Novell File Reporter 2.0.1, NFR Agents can now scan Windows shares for directory quotas.

Bug Fixes

We've addressed quite a few bugs. For a complete list, refer to the Novell File Reporter 2.0.1 Release Notes.


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