How to get last login time of users through script?


I want to find out last login time of the users in a OU, for this i
have written following script which gives me fullName, mail, and last
modified time but not lastLoginTime.

ldapsearch -b ou=internal,ou=Users,o=mynet \
-h ${HOST} \
-p 389 \
-D ou=internal,ou=Users,o=mynet \
-s sub fullName mail modifyTimestamp lastLoginTime

i have done attribute mapping in LDAP with eDir, by LDAP-->LDAP
Options-->attribute Mapping.
eDir Attribut LDAp Attribute
Last Login Time <> lastLogintime
Login Time <> loginTime

but still i didn't get any value from lastLoginTime and loginTime

Does it required any more configuration for this?

please help!

Thanks in advance.

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