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Identity Console has non-standard FQDN syntax

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It appears that the most frequent view of Full DNs is leaf-most object on the right with tree name on the left.  Traditionally NDS has displayed leaf-most to the left and no tree name.  Cut and paste cannot be done and instead of commas or periods between objects there are forward slashes.  Please return to previous formats that are displayed.

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    I know, I know. Actually everything which can be pushed in this direction is, which makes it easier to ignore bugs (which they do).

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    If you see the number of ideas that are in closed/acceptance state than our feedback is not really used. Though sales/support people always say we should use this site.

  • Still a year later this is still an issue, looks like the development team behind Identity Console is still not seeing the problem.

    It makes Identity Console very difficult, if not impossible to use, as long DNs will not show the leave object.

    (please go back to the drawing board).


    A proper specification for DNs in URLs exists with This also properly handles characters that need to be escaped that are not properly represented in the qualified forward slash notation used by Identity Console.