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ndsbackup for eDirectory for Windows

Status : New Idea

Backups are essential! And setting a backup of eDir at our customers should be one of the first things which should be implemented.

eDirectory running on Linux servers allows us several possibilities who to provide a backup. Each option has some advantages, disadvantages/limitations.

DSBK is great and fast backup tool which allows us disaster recovery. Unfortunately, it does not allow us recovery of objects. E.g. In case of accidental deletion of some users or other important objects in eDir you cannot rely on this backup tool.

NSDBackup allows us to do what DSBK cannot. Therefore we use both tools at our clients running eDir on Linux.

But what about Windows? There is a situation quite different. Unfortunately, NDSBackup does not exist for eDir for Windows platform. What a shame when I had to explain our customer that eDir is not the same on all platforms and we cannot help them to implement a supported solution for disaster and data recovery.

To provide at least any data recovery solution, we combine DSBK and daily VM snapshots. 

I am sure that many people would appreciate availability of NDSBackup for eDirectory for Windows. Is it so hard to port the Linux tool to Windows? 


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