Idea ID: 2824371

Virtual attributes

Status : New Idea
It would be nice to have attributes that follow other attributes to mirror additional attributes.

For example, manager is a DN. I'd like to be able to configure other attributes, such as managertelephone, manageremail, managerfullname, etc. These attributes will follow the manager DN to that object, then mirror telephone number, mail, and fullName.

While it is easy enough to do two queries in most applications, there are often times where we would like to run a simple report with a single ldap query, but this isn't possible unless we extend schema and use a tool such as IDM to maintain those values. If we could have edirectory have some sort of ldap statement tied to an attribute to lookup a value on another object, it would make our life easier.

Config would look like:

Virtual attribute name: managerEmail
Object lookup: (distinguishedName=manager)
Attribute value: mail

Now, if I lookup a user and return managerEmail, it'll follow the manager DN attribute to the other object, pull the mail attribute from that object and return it.

While the directory is probably not getting a net savings in processing, we can use configuration to eliminate the second query requirement.