Manifest Embedding Tool

Applicable to Novell eDirectory, any Novell or third Party product who are in the process of migrating from 32bit to 64bit.

This utility helps developers and build engineer embed manifest file into compiler into libraries & binaries which are generated using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or higher.


In the process of 64bit support for a product, many of us move to higher version of compiler which provides support for 64bit compilation (e.g. VS2005) and we must inject manifest file generated by compiler to resolve runtime dependency associated with application binaries/libraries. Embedding common manifest file for the project built using command like nmake utility this process becomes bit difficult. This utility will help your product/component to resolve runtime dependency by simply injecting manifest information file into generated libraries.

In case of product which has several components and claims support on different architecture (x86, x64, IA64 etc...) one can specify build type (debug, release) and architecture to selectively embed manifest into each of these libraries.


  1. Common configuration file, which one can edit to selectively choose Build Type (Debug or Release), Architecture (i386, x64, IA64 etc…) and specify the filter to fine tune the library selection.

  • Provides common manifest file for different architecture and different built type.

  • Allows you to view the files selected for manifest embedding.

  • Allows you to backup the libraries before embedding.

  • Generates batch script with commands to embed each library with manifest file. You can use this batch file independently to inject manifest in subsequent build.


Perl (Required to execute Perl script included with the tool)


Please read configuration file (.conf) included with the package to know about different configuration options. Edit the configuration file (.conf) and common manifest file (.manifest) as per your application/architecture need.


Usage (Screen Shot) => Describes available options.


Sample Run (Screen Shot) => Search all i386 release libraries and auto backup each of these files before injecting common manifest file.


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