File Migration (Cleanup) Utility

This utility will compare a source and destination file tree and sync files between the two, compensating for failed previous copy attempts (resulting in 0kb files), issues resulting from *exceptionally* long directory structure and file names, as well as date sync issues. I made this utility specifically to compensate for issues arising from our migration of our old eDirectory server to our new server.

I'm happy to answer questions and correct issues, if I can and if time allows. Feel free to email.

The options are self explanatory, the tool will add any scanned directory to a cache skip list, on a second run any directory scanned previously will be skipped. You can press the 'Reset Logged Directories' button to reset this behavior.

Tool is provided as is, no warranty. I take no responsibility if this tool causes ANY damage, destroys your file system deletes files or takes away your birthday!


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