PWM v1.6.0


PWM is an open source password self service application for LDAP directories. PWM is an ideal candidate for organizations that wish to “role their own” password self service solution, but do not wish to start from scratch.

PWM v1.6.0 has been released and is now available for download on the project site.

The history changelog is below:

v1.6.0 (October 17, 2011) build 1096

[ Added feature ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed/refactoring ]
[ ! security bug fix ]
[ ~ partial implementation ]

Added turkish locale, thanks erdem.bayer! (issue #86)
Added slovak locale, thanks svacko! (issue #87)
Added hebrew locale, thanks dordorqwerty! (issue #92)
Added helpdesk module for password resets (issue #99)
Support for customizable CSS themes, and several default themes included (issue #103)
Support for SMTP authentication (issue #104)
Overhaul of the NewUser registration module,
Password field is now on initial new user password field
Form UI supports more fields in less space
Randomized DN generation
While-you-type form validation
Configurable password policy template user
Configurable minimum wait time on new user creation
Added stored token database (to PwmDB or RDBMS) for forgotten password and new user password
Updated look & feel for form tables throughout the application
UserReport module in /pwm/private/admin and from PwmCommand command line

* Moved public menu options (ForgottenPassword, NewUser, Activate) to login page
* Moved private menu options to /pwm/private url, and made menu visibility based on permission
* Continued improvements in configmanager process

- Fixed bug where unsupported browser locale results in blank page/null pointer (issue #83)
- Fixed bug where non-english server locale results in configuration manager issues (issue #84)
- Double-byte characters not stored properly in PwmConfiguration.xml (issue #100)
- Issue where SMS Servlet Gateway URL couldn't be configured with a port number (issue #97)
- Config file size limit of 50k characters increased to 10mb.
- Current password required in some cases on forgotten password reset page. (issue #119)


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