Novell Visio Stencils -GroupWise/Clustering/eDirectory

Many times over the years folks have asked me where I got my GroupWise Stencils for Visio. Well, I can say that somewhere on the Internet they were posted, but that was many many years ago.

Since Microsoft purchase Visio, they have done an excellent job of removing all the great features/functions from it as well as removed Novell product Stencils from it.

The last greatest version was Visio 2000 SR1. This was the last version that had the ability to 'suck out' an eDirectory Tree and present it into a Visio drawing. When you have a very large tree and want to capture it -this is a must!

Anyway, I have post here the Novell stencils that I have along with GroupWise and even 'pseudo' Novell Cluster Stencils. I say 'pseudo' because they are not real stencils but can be used in Visio to represent clustering components. (I believe I just made JPG's of objects.)


Gregg A. Hinchman

P.S. I do not support these nor guarantee anything, except they work for me.
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