Easily Generate LDIF File for Testing

download url: http://ldapwiki.willeke.com/wiki/LDIF Generator
home page url: http://ldapwiki.willeke.com/wiki/LDIF Generator

The LDIF Generator will generate random, fictitious, LDIF records that can be imported into LDAP server or other applications for testing.

We have used the DBGEN.PL program and had several problems with some of the aspects of the output that was generated. The attributes that used distinguished names, DBGEN only provided RDNs for these entries. When we were working with Novell's eDirectory or with Active Directory, it actually does some referential integrity checking that would prevent the importing of DN attributes that were not valid. The LDIF Generator tool will create valid manager and secretary relationships.

In addition, we wanted to generate some large trees and demo some of the Organizational chart programs that would work against a LDAP instance that would simulate a real organization.

Out of these issues with DBGEN, we wrote LDIFGen. This is a Java program that should work with Java 1.4 or above and on "nearly" any platform that has Java.

You must generate at least 10 records. There is no maximum determined. (There could be some resource issues at very large numbers over 1,000,000) Below we show typical screen output of the tool generating about 500 entries/sec:

Generating 100000 entries.
With People entries With 40 OUs entries
Using CN in Distinguished NameIn the dc=willeke, dc=com context
For the Generic Server Type
Generating 100000 entries took 3 minute(s) 19 second(s) or 502.513 entries/seconds


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