Convert Windows Specific Makefile to DSW and DSP File

In application development on Windows, developers use Microsoft Visual C 6.0 and export the makefile from the IDE option. The makefile gets modified to suite command line build as per the project need. The problem arises when we want to import the same makefile into a higher version of IDE such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 i.e VC8.

This is one case where the project claims support for Windows 64bit and needs to move to a new compiler, hence the new Visual Studio IDE comes into picture. This case is applicable to following scenarios.

  1. MFC based projects

  • Project which wants to take advantage of IDE based compilation and build options.

As most of the makefiles are modified manually for the purpose of command line build and the project may not have DSW (workspace) file, such project have hard time to move to IDE based compilation. This utility will help such project to easily migrate from command line based compilation to IDE based compilation by converting the makefile to DSW and DSP files.


The Tool handles different Target types of your project:

  1. Win32 (x86) Application (Output is exe : GUI based)

  • Win32 (x86) Dynamic-Link Library (Output is dll)

  • Win32 (x86) Console Application (Output is exe : Console based)

  • Win32 (x86) Static Library (Output is lib)

Input filter file (GroupSrcFilter.txt) is also available, which the developer can edit to specify different projects files associated with the project.


Perl (Required to execute Perl script included with the tool)


Please read the HowtoUse.txt file available in the package. The standard template for dsw and dsp file is attached. You can modify these as per your project need. After converting the project specific makefile to DSW file, open the DSW file in IDE. Now you need to make changes to your project to take care of environment variable used in makefile. The reason for this is that environment variables and other custom checks cannot be converted and incorporated in DSW file.


Sample Run (Screen Shot) => Converting sample win32 dll project makefile to DSW and DSP files.

Note: Contact me if you find any problems associated with this tool or if you need any help on conversion procedure.




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